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J. Galt & Associates has been designing and presenting communication workshops for nonprofits, government, and industry for nearly three decades. Some workshops may cover basic writing and editing strategies, while others focus on the special needs of scientists and engineers who make presentations to technical and nontechnical audiences. Each is tailored to client needs. By using documents and presentations from participants, the training is immediately applicable to job-related projects.

One of the popular features of our training workshops is a module that helps participants understand common sources of miscommunication and conflict. A simple but powerful personality analysis conducted within the class allows for participants to use the information immediately as they work on class projects. They come to understand how personality differences contribute to miscommunication. They gain tools to solve problems, manage conflict, organize project assignments, and work together more creatively and effectively. This tool, Personality Dimensions, can be used as the basis of a team building workshop if a client desires.

Proposal Development

Small and large businesses are often challenged by one of their most important communication tasks: writing proposals! Several team members have worked for small to very large companies and either managed or edited proposals. We've also had great success training others to improve their proposal writing skills.

Stakeholder Involvement

Communication needs often extend beyond emails, social media, research papers, speeches and presentations. Our teams served as trainers and project managers when industry and government agencies had to involve the public and other stakeholders in decision-making for environmental projects. As a result of our experience, we developed a 5-day training workshop for the US Army Corps of Engineers, teaching staff from all Corps divisions how to prepare stakeholder involvement plans and how to improve communication with the stakeholders they serve.

Manage Training Programs

We have managed training projects for corporate and government agencies, including the Department of Defense training to implement the DoD American Indian/Alaska Native Policy. More recently, J. Galt teams redesigned a writing course for federal employees for the Office of Personnel Management. Teams of writers focus modules on how to adapt writing for government documents, as well as learning tips for improving presentations, contract writing, budget justifications and personnel evaluations.

Facilitating Workshops

J. Galt has brought facilitation and mediation skills to nonprofits and government agencies. Our work with DARPA, the federal government think tank, focused on creative brainstorming on "DARPA-hard" problems, developing workshops to help the attendees provide 'out of the box' solutions.

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