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About J. Galt & Associates

You have a story to tell.  Let us help you craft it.

Founded by Dr. Donata Defilippi in 1982, J. Galt & Associates, Inc. provides on-site communications training for private industry, government, and nonprofits. Projects typically support their education, community building, marketing, and environmental needs.

Whether we revitalize your corporate message or craft one for your new enterprise, we match the diverse talents and expertise required for the projects you need. Award-winning team members produced national spots for corporate ads and corporate training programs.

We have curriculum developers for communication training and stakeholder involvement. Our project managers guided multi-year policy development and training projects for federal agencies and nonprofits.

Our goal is to offer exceptional customer satisfaction when we:

• Produce long and short-form video
• Develop web site content
• Photograph events, people, and locations
• Provide onsite training in communication skills with experience in social media, environmental justice, and cross-cultural and cross-generational issues
• Manage stakeholder involvement policy, strategy, program design, and execution
• Design and produce collaterals for print and web
• Translate technical information for nontechnical audiences

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Our Vision…

J. Galt & Associates was born from the idea that the world can become a better place, one person, one idea, at a time. Challenges require that we think outside of the proverbial box, taking risk to overcome barriers. Our core belief rests in the importance of good internal and external communication, honest communication that explains without deception or obfuscation. Teaching clients to listen to their customers, neighbors, taxpayers, or employees is one of the most important contributions to improving service delivery, quality, and overall productivity. J. Galt teams bring creativity, experience, and tenacity to helping our clients find solutions to address their challenges.


"Who is John Galt?"

The infamous opening line of Ayn Rand's novel, Atlas Shrugged, symbolized helplessness and despair in the fictional society. Galt wanted to make the world a better place – for everyone. He became the symbol of creative genius who was stifled by society's roadblocks. Like a hero in Arthurian legends, Galt symbolized individual passion and creativity—genius that is so 'out of the box' that society can't grasp the value of the solutions and actively fights the change—suffering, declining, all the way. Individual creative inspiration can solve problems that plague society, problems preserved by corporate boards and public policy. This describes the essence of the character's spirit and passion. Contrary to modern sound bites of Ayn Rand's philosophy, this story line is as disparaging of the crippling bureaucracies and corruption of the free market corporate world as any government.

Donata  believes that the world…can become a better place, one person, one idea, at a time by overcoming barriers and taking risks. From there, J. Galt & Associates was born.

Team Members

Donata Defillippi, PhD, CEO

Donata brings energy, creativity and enthusiasm to her training and video production projects. For over two decades, she has designed communication training for private and government clients. A charismatic instructor, she is skilled at engaging participants in the learning process. She is foremost a coach whose insight inspires clients to find surprisingly simple solutions for their workplace communication challenges.

Since 2010 she's been working with mid-to-upper level managers in federal agencies to improve their writing and speaking skills. She transforms bureau-speak into interesting, readable communications for colleagues at every level. Her editing strategies begin with having workshop participants read each other's writing and ask, "Do you understand it? Does it make sense?" More often than not, the honest answer is "no". When the focus is stakeholder involvement she emphasizes the art of listening. That basic premise can transform relationships.

In video productions, one of Donata's strengths is blending creativity with pragmatism. Her stories feature people that make a difference--locally, regionally, and internationally. In addition to training and marketing, her award-winning videos cover ecosystem research, healthy food production, education reform, and environmental pollution.

Donata has received recognition for her local and national volunteer work. Her BS and MS are in speech communication from Southern Illinois University; her PhD is in education and management from Georgia State University, Atlanta.

Evan E. Lee

Evan's wide-ranging communications expertise is grounded in more than thirty years as an oral storyteller, actor, coach, trainer and writer. His advertising training at the Portfolio Center sharpened his ability to target messages and outreach strategies.

This expertise has proven critical in our age of information glut. Scientists and government staff now see value in learning how to penetrate the "blah-blah" of traditional communication with storytelling skills. Their important messages have too often been lost by busy readers with cluttered in-boxes.

As a communications coach for non-profits, he credits his performance background with the ability to cultivate the heart connection between donors and individuals they help. During his decade at United Way of Greater Atlanta he successfully managed giving campaigns that raised millions annually from UPS, Delta, Georgia Power, Enterprise, and Marriott.

He trains teachers to cut through textbook boredom with attic artifacts and local stories that personalize history and excite students. These storytelling techniques bring heart into history, integrating students into the holistic learning process.

Evan is founder and president of Story Source LLC. His programs have earned support from National Endowment for the Arts with the Southern Arts Federation, Georgia Council for the Arts, Dallas Repertory Theater, the National Showcase of Theater for Young Audiences and many corporate funders. Professional affiliations include Actors Equity Association, Screen Actors Guild, New York Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (voting member) and the board of the Southern Order of Storytellers.

Keera Godfrey

Keera Godfrey has over 20 years experience in marketing communications and technical writing. Throughout her career, Keera's research, analytical, writing and communication skills have brought her the opportunity to work in proposal development, environmental health, instructional design, and risk communication.

Keera has also been an adjunct professor in technical communications at a local university. She has an MBA and an MS in Technical and Professional Communication from Southern Polytechnic State University, and a BS in Health Sciences from Georgia State University. Keera is currently working on her doctorate in Global Training and Development. She and Donata have worked on projects together for over a decade, including technical presentations, research papers, and case studies.

More recently, they taught a public involvement course for the US Army Corps of Engineers. Keera has been part of the J. Galt team that delivers communication training for federal agencies.

Antonio Maynard

Antonio developed his expertise in marketing development for Fortune 500 firms. He has become expert at vetting bid opportunities, configuring project teams, and tailoring responses to answer what is asked in the Request for Proposals. He has an excellent eye for details, in prose and design. He brings his talents to J. Galt and other small businesses, expanding the look, depth, and quality of their proposal materials as they compete for private and government contracts. Antonio has worked with Donata on projects for over 29 years.

Brian Danin

Brian is a digital media strategist who focuses on the art and craft of all aspects of video production, interactive web development, and new media story-telling techniques.

He holds an MBA with an emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship from Georgia Tech and a BFA in film/video production and design from the University of British Columbia. Brian has worked for CSE, Georgia Tech, Turner Broadcasting, First Data, and has been involved in startup companies in Vancouver, Colorado, Washington DC, and Atlanta.

Manette Messenger

Manette Messenger has over 35 years of combined experience as both a civil servant and government consultant, leading large, complex projects for the Army.

Manette led three teams of government, industry, and academic professionals to field test the cost and performance of emerging environmental technologies. She spearheaded the development of sustainability planning, creating partnerships between Army headquarters, installations, local communities, and government and industry technical experts. She managed several major programs, including a $100M/year energy program, an $80M/year environmental compliance program, and a $10M/year pollution prevention program. She also managed an installation environmental and energy program for 2 years. She produces briefings on current environmental programs for military and civilian SES staff at the Pentagon.

Manette has brought her contracting, writing, and presentation expertise to the J. Galt team that delivers communication classes to federal agencies.

George Carellas

George Carellas worked for the U.S. Army throughout his career, with the last 25 years focusing on growing the Army's environmental program.

George served as the DoD/Army's Southeast Regional Environmental Coordinator for 8 years, helping the military, federal agencies, state agencies, non-profits, and local communities "facilitate, coordinate, and communicate" with each other…which would in turn lead to more collaboration. For 2 years, George worked in the Pentagon at the Army Secretariat and was responsible for many of the policies and procedures regarding public involvement, outreach, and sustainability. In the past, he has conducted industrial engineering studies, manpower staffing analyses, Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) studies, and managed various facilities-related programs (e.g., served as Resource Manager for the operations/maintenance funds related to Active Army, Army Reserve, and Family Housing appropriations with a $1 billion budget).

Part of his staff responsibilities included providing training at DoD installations. Topics include the planning, programming and budgeting process and contracting. As a manager, he prepared hundreds of personnel evaluations and frequently had responsibility as a reviewer over his supervisors' evaluations of their staff.

Most recently, George works for a small consulting firm primarily supporting the military in sustainability, land use, energy, and environmental. George has a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech. As part of the J. Galt team, George brings his skills in personnel evaluations, contracting and budgeting to the writing workshops.

Annie Holland

Annie Holland has over 20 years experience as a consultant to government and industry clients. She is the owner of The Pharos Group – a company focused on environmental and safety training and consulting. Her experience has focused on training adults. Her clients have included federal, state, and municipal government agencies as well as private industry.

In addition to training, Annie writes and edits legal and technical documents for her clients. She has developed the safety manuals for several large companies as well as delivering the training curricula for these programs. Annie collects environmental field data and develops narrative inspection reports.

She has undergraduate degrees in secondary education and English from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, and an M.S. in print journalism from the University of Illinois.

Annie brings her writing and editing expertise to the J. Galt team that delivers communication classes to federal agencies.